The Savage Underbelly

To a thing of beauty, there is an ugly underneath. It is the yin and yang ☯️ of nature. A requirement, as it were, of being able to fully appreciate the surface in all its splendor.⁣

The sea is angry today and churning, wind-whipped waves display hints of the dangers that lie at its very soul. Barreling towards innocents, it will fling itself upon the land, leaving remnants of destruction in its wake. Only to return to its former self, with beautiful blues and greens and the appearance of serenity.⁣

This series, entitled Sea Movement, is the same. A dark beginning lies below the surface. Waves of paint were, at first, carefully applied. Then a wilder approach was taken, flinging on color in rich, deep layers. An attempt to capture the rhythm and movement—the very essence of the ocean.⁣

I hope I did justice to the magical, mysterious seas I admire.

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