The Rage of Art

The rage of art will empower you as it responds to hardship with its generosity and love.”⁣

Lady Gaga spoke those words last night. They were part of her humble yet inspiring acceptance speech for the first-ever MTV TriCon award.⁣

Oh how they resonated with me. They came at the perfect time. I am feeling ENRAGED!⁣

I am dealing with a family issue at the moment that one person has caused, disrupting our lives, throwing us into chaos, and leaving hurt, resentment, and anger in their wake.⁣ That’s all I’ll say about it.

But I will not be deterred. I will not be made powerless. I will rage with my art and I will get distance from this mess … and be a better artist for it.⁣

This is a new series I am launching entitled ‘Getting Some Distance’.⁣

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