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About Me

Living in central North Carolina has allowed me to experience the majesty of the ocean, the breathtaking beauty of mountaintop vistas, and the quiet calm of undulating fields dotted with tranquil herds of cows, sheep and horses. My art is my way of sharing these moments in nature that produce a calm sense of well-being and gratitude.
I use acrylics, glazes and mark making tools to develop layer upon layer of colors and shapes that, like nature, convey the mysteries of the intangible elements of wind, atmosphere, scent and movement. Materials are applied, removed, and applied again—just like the ocean’s waves or the forest floor—creating subtle changes and fresh nuances of patterns.
The works presented here are the embodiment of a lifetime of drinking in those special moments in time where our planet seems to hold still, for just a moment, and allow us to truly appreciate all that it provides. Time, for me, has finally shifted into a slower pace that permits me the opportunity to express those moments and share them with you in the hope that you will embrace them, breathe deeply and let the sense of calm settle over you too. 

Member of Chatham Artists Guild

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